Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Contrary to the internet rumors...

I am not dead or comatose - much to the consternation of my enemies and those in the AoSHQ pool. I've just been very busy with real world stuff. There have been lots of things I wanted to blog about (like hundreds of tabs worth) but I just couldn't find enough unallocated time to quite get around to them.

A lot of my free time has been going into home projects that I've been putting off for years such as completely refurbishing the wood fence around the yard. Since no professionals (or even trained people) are involved in this project, I've been doing a lot of pressure washing and basic carpentry. It's going slowly but it did justify my buying a band saw which opens up whole new vistas of caveman carpentry for me.

And then there was repairing and debugging the sprinkler system, re-potting all the plants, troubleshooting the exterior security cameras, plus a couple of  unfinished interior projects and redoing my PC setup. Then at work there's been a whole let's-move-the-entire-facility-to-a-new-location-without-affecting-customers-at-all-except-the-phones-and-internet-didn't-work-for-almost-two-weeks-afterward thing going on.

So yeah - I've been slacking like a slacker.