Friday, August 05, 2016

Thank You All So Much

Well I always knew that stepping down from the ONT was going to be bittersweet for me and sad for a lot of people but I...just...had no idea. After reading all the comments, emails and tweets from longtime readers it made me almost want to cry. And have other human emotions.

I truly had no idea that so many people out there appreciated my work.

Not that I was ever a voice in the desert since there were always regulars but because I've never saw the traffic stats I sort of always assumed that I was appealing to an ever more selective audience. So it was one of the most pleasant surprises of my life - maybe the most pleasant surprise - to discover that so many people actually liked what I did and that I mattered in some way in their lives. It's kinda like getting a peek at your own memorial service without having to go though the whole dying thing.

And I have to say that hearing such heartfelt messages of appreciation from so many people does give me encouragement. Maybe there is a not-so-silent Remnant out there that cares and sees things the way I do. In truth you really don't need an audience to write or hope of success to continue the work - but it's always so much better to have both if you can.

(ok sorry for all that Sally Field-y and emo crap - my defenses were down momentarily that's all...)

It'll be nice to take a break for a while but I doubt I'll stay away from some type of blogging for long. Hell my ONT backlog is enough to carry me through November with proper rationing. Or maybe I should sell these ONT components on the secondary blogger market. Note to self: Contact pixy and see what the street value of this stuff is.

Thursday, August 04, 2016


All systems are go - we have ignition.