Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Running of the Quotes - How Bout Right Now Edition

And here we go...

Quote of the Day I
Police in the tiny town of Foristell, responding about 2 a.m. Thursday to a report of marijuana smoke coming from a motel room, arrested two women from New York who tried to escape by jumping out a second-story window and running half-naked across Interstate 70.
Then things got weird.
Quote of the Day II
The changes that they saw in their lifetimes are nothing short of astonishing. Almanzo lived from 1857 and died in 1946; his birth predated the Civil War and his death happened after the dropping of the atomic bomb. Laura lived from 1867 to 1957; she was born during Reconstruction and died in the same year that Sputnik I was launched. She lived to see the introduction of electricity, the telephone, penicillin, movies, television, air travel, space travel, and two World Wars. She was born in an era of twig brooms and eating hard tack on the trail, and died in the age of vacuum cleaners and counter-top blenders. 
-- From Happy 150th Birthday, Laura Ingalls Wilder 
Quote of the Day III
Or perhaps the Boomer generation is going out in a fit of frenzied self-recognition: It enjoyed all that was given to it, did not accomplish much itself, and left a mess to its successors. Its metaphor is California’s Oroville dam: Aging greens believe that it never should have been built; but since it was, it came in handy for the good life; but no one should spend any money on its repair; but when it nearly fails, we were all warned that it was never a good idea. And so no more dams will be built for our children. 
-- Victor Davis Hanson
Quote of the Day IIII - Maybe ‘Weird Al’ Was The Real Star All Along
Yankovic has sold millions of albums, played 1,616 shows and outlasted so many of the stars he once spoofed. His most recent album, 2014’s “Mandatory Fun,” featured parodies of Iggy Azalea, Lorde and Pharrell Williams, a polka medley and his usual smattering of original songs. The album hit No. 1. At 57, he’s now readying a complete set of his 14 studio recordings, plus an album of bonus tracks. “Squeeze Box,” on sale through a PledgeMusic drive until the end of February, will naturally come in an accordion-shaped box. “Comedy recording and funny songs go back to the earliest days of the record industry,” says Barry Hansen, better known as Dr. Demento, the radio host who introduced Yankovic to the public 40 years ago. “But Al is unique. There’s nothing like him in the history of funny music.” 
For Chris Hardwick — the comedian who created the Nerdist empire and hosts two game shows, “@midnight” and “The Wall” — Yankovic is more than a musical success story. He’s a triumph for all the oddballs and outsiders.
Quote of the Day IIIII - Fuck You Very Much Tom Hayden
General Giap and the NVA viewed the Tet 1968 offensive as a failure, they were on their knees and had prepared to negotiate a surrender. 
At that time, there were fewer than 10,000 U.S. casualties, the Vietnam War was about to end, as the NVA was prepared to accept their defeat. 
Then, they heard Walter Cronkite (former CBS News anchor and correspondent) on TV proclaiming the success of the Tet 1968 offensive by the communist NVA. They were completely and totally amazed at hearing that the US Embassy had been overrun. In reality, The NVA had not gained access to the Embassy–there were some VC who had been killed on the grassy lawn, but they hadn’t gained access. Further reports indicated the riots and protesting on the streets of America. 
According to Giap, these distorted reports were inspirational to the NVA. They changed their plans from a negotiated surrender and decided instead, they only needed to persevere…. 
Today, there are 58,229 names on the Vietnam Wall Memorial.
Quote of the Day IIIIII VI
The blacks in this movie are dignified, striving people, yearning for education and success. Yes, I know it’s propaganda. But the fact that’s it propaganda actually makes my point. Propaganda’s goal is to reach out to people in the most effective way possible to affect their thinking. In 1944, those who made The Negro Soldier looked at black culture and concluded that the best way to reach out to blacks was to present them, not as hip or cool, not as victims, not as rage-filled revolutionaries, but as people of intellectual and moral substance. Moreover, as I noted above, that approach worked for both blacks and whites who saw the movie. 
-- Bookworm on the US Army WWII recruiting film The Negro Soldier
Quote of the Day VII - But It Was How He Said It Edition
A police standoff began in Merrimack after a boyfriend told his girlfriend that the spaghetti dinner she made was “OK,” according to police paperwork.
Quote of the Day VIII
The Democrats are basically a hate group, and they are succeeding in what they attempt to do: instill hate against their opponents among a dwindling number of cult-like faithful. The Democrats have little interest in actual governance, i.e., the issues faced by their Senate Minority Leader. So it shouldn’t be surprising that among Democrats, Steve Bannon – utterly unknown until, say, six months ago – is a more significant figure than their own leaders in Congress. Is this the sign of a dying political party? One would hope so. 
-- PowerLine's John Hinderaker noting that more Democrats can name Trump aide Steve Bannon than their own Senate minority leader, Chuck Schumer
Quote of the Day VIIII
It’s hard to make a man understand something that his salary requires that he not understand. 
-- Glenn Reynolds on why the press doesn't get it
Quote of the Day X - Headlines From Almost 2017 Edition
Clemson University Bans ‘Any Reference to Harambe’ from Dorm Spaces Because of ‘Rape Culture’ and ‘Racism’ 
Quote of the Day XI - Headlines From 2017 Edition
Anti-Trump ‘March for Science’ Forced to Apologize for Calling Women ‘Females’
Quote of the Day XII
When I was a kid, I thought there would be some point where a gong would sound, and a switch would throw, and suddenly I'd be an adult and I'd know it. 
I'm 62 and I'm still waiting. Somehow nothing like that ever happened. 
...All my life, deep down I had this irrational fear that someone was going to walk up to me someday and say, Nope, nope, it was all a mistake. We've decided you don't get to be an adult after all. You have to get back in the cage again and let other people run your life. 
And now I'm facing that as a real possibility. I may have to enter a nursing home, and the prospect fills me with abject terror. I got two and a half weeks of that in November 2012 after my stroke when I was in the rehab hospital, and after one week I was ready to go home, at least mentally. (I sure wasn't physically, though.) 
-- Steven Den Beste three months before his death 


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